Keystone Organizing Systems is the brainchild of Byron Woodson, a not-so-humble West Philadelphia native who prides himself on thinking very deeply about both deep and trivial things.

The mission of KOS is to find the essential activities that produce consistent success, and teach it to as many people as possible so that everyone can live the lives they need, deserve, and want.


What's in a name?

Keystone - both known as the critical piece of an arch, an in the phrase Keystone Species, describes the amplifying beneficial roles that some species have on an ecosystem in relation to their size.

Organizing - order is the result of consistently organizing chaos. We aim to always be consistently coordinating and orchestrating our resources to improve how you operate and execute your business.

Systems - we aren't satisfied with one-hit wonders, we strive to build the ability to consistently have piercing insight, a panoramic view of circumstances and efforts, and relentless practice and improvement. Something so ambitious requires building systems to build systems that execute. 

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