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Arrange, Assign & Present - The Imagine Create Execute Course

Arrange, Assign & Present

Organize your physical and digital lives with principles from pros.

Assigning places and homes for things helps keep your mental and physical spaces tidy, useful, and efficient. Designating areas for activities will help you use, find, store, and replenish the things you need regularly and on occasion.

  • Figure out how much space you need and space you have.
  • Group things used together often to become super efficient.
  • Keep supplies coming and information moving through your workplaces. 
  • Keep your spaces clean, neat, and organized frequently and quickly.
  • Make quick improvements to help speed up work in multiple areas.

While these seem like a lot of work, just minutes a day improving can save you hours a week and days a month to do more important work.


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Meet: Byron Woodson

Marketing & Operations Manager, Website Builder, Corporate Trainer, Teacher & Leadership Coach

Byron has been researching and working on human performance for over two decades.

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