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Arrange Physical And Digital Workspaces Like An Artist

I created the Arrange Like An Artist worksheet to help people like you gain savvy with creating and maintaining well organized physical and digital workspaces.

Arrange, Position & Present FlyerThis one-page worksheet covers five fundamental elements of physical and digital workspaces to make sure small businesses, mid-sized teams and people like you with big aspirations have the most important skills to succeed.

The more often you use the worksheet on your projects and in your life, the more you'll be able to layout the tools, materials and information without clutter or overwhelm.

The five sections help you answer questions like How can we set this up so the work seems effortless? and Are resources easily accessible or do they slow you down? and Am I maintaining the system so it keeps working? If these questions sound familiar, then you know you're in the right place.

  1. The first element in the Arrange Like An Artist worksheet Layout Your Area For Ease Of Access Makes sure you spread out your resources in a way that makes sense for everyone.
  2. The second set of questions Distribute Supplies Based On Frequency Of Use fills up your containers and folders so that frequently used items are always on hand.
  3. Then there's Replace What's Broken And Missing keeps your tools in shape and your supplies coming to keep you in the flow of work.
  4. Next we have Clean And Neaten Up which keeps you well organized so your system runs smoothly.
  5. Last but not least the final questions in the worksheet Revisit Your Layout Quarterly gives you an opportunity to fix what's broken, and improve what's mediocre.

When you download it, you'll also receive a series of emails over the next few days helping you go further into each of the sections.

This worksheet is designed to give you more savvy with the fundamentals of creating and maintaining well organized physical and digital workspaces so you can layout the tools, materials and information, without clutter or overwhelm.

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