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Arrange Your Workspaces To Make Your Life And Work Easier

Creating a mental layout of everything you'll need to get a job done saves so much time later in a project that it should be celebrated as its own step.

Most people don't do that. We only have snippets of lists, boxes, folders, and information that we shuffle through making everything harder and take more time than you'd planned.

While arranging things in a sensible manner so you can use it easily in the future, you have to consider maintaining the organization system itself, in addition to the tools and materials you use. It's like at home when you have to clean out the cabinets or get the dirt out of the vacuum.

While you work on maintaining, you also have to make sure that you re-order what you're using, whether it's petty cash, rice, or a new printer. And unfortunately keeping things in stock takes up space and can get messy, but this is still a job that putting off ends in disaster.

So regular re-arranging helps keep your system well-oiled and churning along.


These are just three of the things you'll find in this download.

This set of downloads is only one of nine steps of the Imagine Create Execute Course. All of them combine to be a potent and useful method to achieve your goals more often and quicker.

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