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A Build order for Rise of Industry

The fastest way to get $1 million per month in the supply chain tycoon game Rise of Industry.
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Lemme show you how to get to $1million per month in the game Rise of Industry. Because it deals with multiple industries, Rise of Industry beats other single-industry games for figuring out what kind of business to go into.

This is how to win this type of tycoon game. It shows you how to think about the steps you need to take to build a business. It also shows you how to think about building a business empire or just an economic development in general.

High level rules to flout

  1. multiple-output 2nd tier goods first
  2. check the frequency then the price
  3. If they buy it, build some of it

First Steps For Business Tycoons

  1. Double the lumbermills - because why not?
  2. Tech Tree - Freebies
    1. Efficiency first (250k) - $free
    2. Efficiency second (1m/mo) [be careful & be conservative] $free
    3. +3 destination spots for gatherers ($200k)
    4. +2 overland harvesters (lumber mills and water towers) - $400k
    5. +2 fields (wheat etc) - $400k
    6. faster roads - $400k
    7. items with existing secondary demand (livestock)
    8. When all of this is done, change your research back down to $100k per month

At the end of this, you'll have $9mil and after about 4 months you'll have $7.2mil


  1. Warehouses

build a warehouse whose area of effect (aoe) surrounds all three of the stores in your town

Store Combinations

Store combinations are more important than individual stores. Why? Because some things you grow may have outputs in multiple stores. Cows sell things in both farmers market and grocery store. Lamb turns into mutton sold in the farmer's market and wool in the hardware store. When you have two basic inputs giving multiple outputs you can sell the outputs for more than the inputs (you make more money on eggs, mutton and milk than selling raw wheat).


  1. farmer's market and grocery store (chicken, beef)
  2. hardware & construction (lamb, lumber)

By Store

  1. Hardware - 
  2. Farmer's Market - 
  3. Grocery Store - 
  4. Construction - 
  5. Clothing Store - 



Second Go-Round


Tech Tree



    Get smooth at moving materials and information so you can receive and send at the right time, without delays or losing momentum.
    Tips are nice, but procedures rule the roost. Here's what to do before you talk to anyone else.
    a naming convention for backing up files that makes sense