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Design And Think Like A Genius - 5 Principles

Look into what it takes to set better goals for your time and effort

By tapping into the values that you live and act by you'll find how to inspire yourself to create an ideal future in your thoughts and actions. This process works in both your personal and professional life.

Without a central theme, novels, projects, and life stories unravel into despair. You need a reliable way to get to the core thing you need to accomplish, and that's what design is.

One of the first steps to getting what you want is to set your own intentions and the intentions for the overall project. The worksheets will help you clarify, set, and live by these intentions.

When you choose a specific position you'd like to play, that refines what you do that's different from your teammates and competition. Picking the domain of your endeavor helps you figure out what you should be doing to win.


These are just three of the things you'll find in this download.

This set of downloads is only the first of nine steps of the Imagine Create Hustle Course. All of them combine to be a potent and useful method to achieve your goals more often and quicker.


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