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Discover Like An Expert - The Worksheet

I created the Discover Like An Expert worksheet to help people like you gain guidance with high quality research and discovery.

Discover Like An Expert Worksheet FlyerThis one-page worksheet covers five fundamental elements of research and discovery to make sure small businesses, mid-sized teams and people like you with big aspirations have the most important skills to succeed.

The more often you use the worksheet on your projects and in your life, the more you'll be able to learn more from experts in less time without information overload.

The five sections help you answer questions like What are the basics and the complexities in this area? and What do experts, fans, and detractors expect? and Where do experts find information about this? If these questions sound familiar, then you know you're in the right place.

  1. The first element in the Discover Like An Expert worksheet research and discovery to make sure you're either doing the right thing or breaking the right rules.
  2. The second set of questions Understand The Climate And Trends to know whether there's stormy weather or smooth sailing.
  3. Third there's Orient Toward Where You Want To Go so you're headed in the direction toward success.
  4. Coming in fourth is Survey The Terrain Of Knowledge to bridge gaps and avoid pitfalls.
  5. Last but not least the final questions in the worksheet Choose The Best Path Forward From Where You Are and plan out each step of the way forward.

When you download the worksheet, you'll also receive a series of emails over the next few days helping you go further into each of the sections.

This worksheet is designed to give you more guidance with the fundamentals of high quality research and discovery so you can learn more from experts in less time, without information overload.

Get Better At Research And Discovery

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