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Don't let a general contractor ruin your dream home

Would you let a general contractor design your house? Or would you go to an architect?

First, what's the difference between a general contractor and an architect in the building industry? Second, what's building a house have to do with business?

An architect has training to understand how to make sure that all the parts of a building are designed appropriately for their use. They know how to design kitchens, bathrooms, foundations, staircases and other rooms to maximize the experience and ease of use of the space.

A general contractor, however, relies on the blueprints laid out by the architect to figure out what to build where, and when. They know how to build the walls, floors, and install doors and cabinets, but they don't know where to put them without the architect's blueprints.

Talking about architects and general contractors in building buildings points at the different roles that contribute to a building that won't fall down. The same happens for business, where a business architect helps identify configurations that make and keep your business profitable.

So, who should design your house? An Architect. Who should design your business? A business architect.

A business architect, figures out which kinds of systems you need and how they should work together. A general contractor (in business these are project managers) helps you set up systems and processes to get your business up and running.

Which one should you choose? 

You don't need either/or. You need one, THEN the other.

First, you need to talk to someone knowledgeable about the design of business and businesses. Someone who knows how the parts work together. These consultations will help you figure out how to arrange your business for profitability and ease. (This is what KOS does, by the way)

Then you talk to a general contractor to figure out what systems you use. In the case of a building, what kinds of heaters, flooring, and paint. In the case of a business, what kinds of marketing campaigns, process documents, and accounting practices. (We also do that here, by the way)

What are some resources to understand business architecture?

  • The E-Myth Revisited (book)
  • The Value Proposition Canvas (book)
  • The KOS matrix (read more here)

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