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Move, Convey & Deliver Information And Materials Like A Courier

Thank you for checking out my Move Like A Courier worksheet I created it to help people like you increase your agility with smoothly moving materials and information.

Move, Convey & Transfer FlyerThis one-page worksheet covers five fundamental elements of moving materials and information to make sure small businesses, mid-sized teams and people like you with big aspirations have the most important skills to succeed.

The more often you use the worksheet on your projects and in your life, the more you'll be able to receive and send at the right time without delays or losing momentum.

The five sections help you answer questions like How much work do I have coming in? and How quickly am I sending out my finished work? and How do I prioritize my backlog? If these questions sound familiar, then you know you're in the right place.

  1. The first element in the Move Like A Courier worksheet sets you up to Catch What's Thrown To You which lets you handle and route everything that comes your way.
  2. The second set of questions Notify Who Needs To Know keeps your team, colleagues, and clients up to date.
  3. Then there's Send What The Next Step Needs which gets things off of your desk and on to the next step in the process.
  4. Next we have Update When It'S On The Way to give everyone a heads up so they're ready.
  5. Last but not least the final questions in the worksheet help you Monitor How Much Bandwidth You Have so you can increase or decrease how much work you take on.

When you download it, you'll also receive a series of emails over the next few days helping you go further into each of the sections.

I've designed this worksheet to give you more agility with the fundamentals of smoothly moving materials and information so you can receive and send at the right time, without delays or losing momentum.

Get Smooth

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