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The Road To Business Excellence Is Paved With Good, Well Though Out, Intentions

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Everyone has heard the quote "the road to hell is paved with good intentions". It's a malicious little ditty isn't it? It makes you not want to have good intentions, or intentions at all. 

Malice aside, personal and business excellence depends on intentions. the dreams people come up with become intentions before they become work.

Businesses need to understand intentions to turn people into customers. Employees need to understand the intentions of the business to satisfy the intentions of the customers.

Good or bad, you cannot prosper and succeed without dealing with intentions. It's intentions all the way down.

Here are three questions to help you figure out someone's intentions:

  1. What are they trying to accomplish?
  2. How important is this to them?
  3. What are they willing to do to fulfill these intentions?

When you ask these three questions, you'll be better equipped to succeed at growing a business or career by giving customers and companies what they need and want.

Of course, that's only a small piece of it. There's a process of figuring out what fulfills those intentions. You also have to figure out whether those are intentions you want to fulfill, and for what price. And if the price is right, you have to build a system to deliver the results they want.

And that whole process is the aim of the Imagine Create Execute program. The program identifies the 9 stages that any process, product, or project goes through. And it shows you how to put these stages in the right order.

If you need help taking your own or someone else's intention from concept to completion, click the link below.

Get Intentions That Lead You Better Places



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