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The Business Cortex

Build, Grow, And Scale Your Business

Learn The Functions And Stages Of Building Successful Businesses

The 3 Problems

of Building, Growing, and Scaling

  1. You have to gather information about how to build, grow, and scale a business from many places.
  2. Then you have to try to duct-tape it together in a way that's easy to understand and communicate
  3. And you have to tailor that information and customize into tasks that people in your business perform
The Solution

To Launch You Past Those Problems

  1. Start by understanding how the primary functions and departments work together to create a successful business.
  2. Then, learn the flow of building and improving each aspect of your business to go from model to millions of customers.
  3. Finally, create an action plan and a schedule to implement the improvements.
From Entrepreneur To Enterprise

Compiled from years of research, this is the first and simplest system to teach you everything that needs to happen in your business. You can't build, fix, grow, and scale anything if you don't know about it. 

The Model

The matrix scales with you as you grow your skills and business:
3x3 for entrepreneurs
9x9 for businesses
27x27 for enterprises

The Method

Build, improve, and scale each part of your business in concert with other parts to prevent breakage and accelerate growth.

The Mechanics

Get the questions, templates, and resources you need for each step on your path to success.

The Right Resolution For Each Stage

While business is always complex, our ability to learn and understand the ins-and-outs of anything takes time. We have services and resources geared to take everyone from entrepreneur to enterprise.

Startup For Entrepreneurs

Thinking about everything you have to learn and do to build a profitable business overwhelms entrepreneurs at times. The starter package gives you an under-the-hood look at how the parts of a successful business work together so you can build one with confidence and speed.

Growth For Business

With steady revenue coming in, it is hard to balance satisfying existing customers, getting new customers, and building the support systems customers and the business. The growth package shows you how to streamline your relationships, systems, and processes to free up time and reduce overwhelm.

Scale for Enterprises

Weaving business architecture into functional outcomes, we can help you orchestrate growth at speed. We help you take apart, improve, and reinstall every part of your business piece by piece to transform your company with more market share, streamlined processes, and higher profitability.

The BizArch Matrix does for business what the Periodic Table of Elements does for chemistry.

The Business Cortex turns the mystical alchemy of making money into a science. With it you will:

  • Make your services and products more popular, effective, and profitable.
  • Understand how any business (even yours) can and should be built
  • Organize your attention, time, and energy
  • Build your business with the right parts, in the right order
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of yourself, your team, your competition, and your industry
Go From Entrepreneur to Enterprise

Compiled from years of research, this is the first and simplest system to teach you everything that needs to happen in your business. You can't build, fix, grow, and scale anything if you don't know about it. 

Know business like architects know buildings

When an architect walks into a building they see through the facades of walls and paint to see the floorplan and services that make the building useful. 

When you look at a business, you'll be able to see past the branding and offerings to understand how the owners of the business use it to make money, or not.

This type of insight will enable you to offer better value to your customers, create better products and services to sell faster, and make you more reliable revenue.

That's all in the K.O.S. BizArch Matrix

The columns of this matrix show you the three main functions of a business: 1. make money by 2. using resources to 3. satisfy customers. The rows show you the order of things you need to do to those things right.

Like blueprints for architects, and musical notation for orchestras, the BizArch Matrix lets you build and compose any business you want.

This perspective enables you to:

  • See and the ins-and-outs of every business
  • Figure out what needs to be built and balanced
  • Zoom in on each individual part or group of parts
  • Analyze what you've been neglecting and over-doing
  • Schedule your week, month, and year to fix and improve everything about your business
BizArch Matrix
What you get for your hard-earned money

You'll get a 30 minute presentation walking you through the distinctions of the BizArch Matrix using the two examples of a restaurant and an artist. This walk-through exemplifies how the distinctions of the BizArch Matrix apply in real-life businesses, and shows you how you can use it to understand, think through, and structure your own business.