Procrastination is not the enemy. The enemy is um … i forget. And how to beat both of them


Procrastination is not the enemy. The enemy is um … i think he who shall not be named? No, silly, the enemy is forgetting! I didn’t forget that I just wrote that almost twice. Procrastination is only a delay tactic. Forgetting may be forever.
Have you walked into a room. Forget what you wanted. Given up thinking. Walked back to where you were. And only to then remember why you went into the other room in the first place? If you think that happens often, think of all of your passions, hopes, and dreams that you forget.
The secret to living the life of your dreams, is consistently working on them. Well, relentlessly, but consistently will do for now.
An Ironman race is less than 5% of the training for it even though it’s up to 17 hours and 140.6 miles long. A ship can set sail and survive for 50 years on the seas even though it took only 3 years to build.
When you use a project management software, to-do list or an almanac to track what you should be doing, you’re creating a list of things that you refer back to. The important part of this is the referring back to it. The more you refer back to it, the more you use it. That’s the simple cause-and-effect. 
The great thing about to-do list is that you can burn them when you finish them. The not-so-great thing is that you’ll forget to take them out of your pockets and you wash them before you remembered to make your dreams come true.
Write it Down. 
Read it. 
Do it. 


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