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Let's Simplify Your Business

Use the KOS Business Matrix to quickly understand how to work better in your business.

Clarifying Concepts

We can translate anything you need to learn and do into plain language and step-by-step instructions. Let us map out the process and assemble the team that moves you to the next level.

Workflows & Processes

We will help you position your products and services, market more methodically, handle sales and transactions better, and execute business better.

The Entrepreneurship Scoreboard 

We designed the Entrepreneurship Scoreboard to visually present all of the aspects of business and how they relate to one another. The rows represent the stages of entrepreneurship. The columns represent the main functions a business must execute.

Funny enough, this is as simple as we can make it without ignoring important information. If you're at a loss on how to think about all of the parts of a business, you should talk with us. We can help you figure out what happens in the cracks between what other say.

The Entrepreneurship Scoreboard