Don't waste your time searching the wrong things - find out what you need to find out faster

Everyone reads tens or hundreds of blog posts about the 4-8 steps to do everything. It can range from your leadership attitude to designing better user experience on your website to the best cheese to eat on crackers. But not every article tells you what you need to know. 

If you're just learning about something, the good articles tell you about approaches and perspectives. When you're familiar with those, then you want some more details about what to do and how to do it.

You'll find some articles listing 14 steps to accomplishing what it is that you'll want. These 14 steps are a repeatable processes that you can use with different software or systems. Even with a 14-step plan for setting up a website (which is really about 428 steps) you'll learn a lot, but not enough to do it.

These step-by-step and phase-by-phase plans are good, but what you really need are instructions on how to work on the actual system. What button do you push to upload pictures? How do you make the font bigger? How do you re-order the data so that it's by date, not by alphabetical order?

Approaches new to an area or looking for expertise
Processes learn how to perform from start to finish
Instructions how to accomplish individual tasks
Systems how the thing works, with or without you

The four levels in the table above show the different types of information you need to be able to get something accomplished. If you're a designer or developer, then you'll be reading documentation and stack-overflow about your chosen app.

Sorry that there's no instructions in this article, but having a nice quick way to categorize and see the differences between the types of information you'll need should help you sift through more information faster.


Pro tip: when you're "doing your googles" use more technical keywords when looking for instructions. My dad told me a long time ago it's much easier to find things when you start writing the answer than asking the question. Instead of 'how do you wash hair' search 'pour shampoo wash out'. The first search will find where other people asked the question. But the second search will find the answer to your question.

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