Top Five Business Books

The Escher Cycle - by Finn Jackson

the escher cycle book coverThis is far and above my favorite business book of all time. This book details the major functions of a business and how they work. His critical insight shows you that it is the process of balancing and systematically improving things one-by-one that leads to sustainable business success.

If you like more of a comprehensive, academic read, this is it.


The Millionaire Real Estate Agent - by Gary Keller

Millionaire Real Estate Agent book coverIf you're in the mood for more of a how-to business book, this should be your go-to. It is one of the only books I've read that has practical spreadsheets to calculate marketing and budgets, as well as a hiring plan. Plus, given the ups-and-downs of the real estate market over the last decade, it still holds up as timeless.

If you want to understand business from the inside, get this.


Confronting Reality - by Bossidy and Charam

confronting reality book coverFrom the boardroom of GE, one of America's largest and oldest companies, these veterans detail that leadership makes sure that all the functions or silos of a business are made to work together in everyone's best interest. While many business books are for consultants, this one is for the C-suite and Boardroom.

If you want to understand how all of your business is supposed to work together, get this.


Change Anything - by The Vital Smarts Team

change anything book coverWhile many self-help books offer cute paint-by-numbers methods, this book rigorously explores how you need to marshal six different types of influence to make permanent changes in your own and others' lives. They have a sequel named Influence that shows you how to apply these principles to get other people to do things.

Get this if you want to set up your life to get and keep you in action.


The Nature of Economies - by Jane Jacobs

the nature of economies book coverOkay, the second not-so-business book. Jacobs writes a book that explores the characteristics not of businesses, but growing economies. Business owners and entrepreneurs need to know how economies and businesses start, develop, grow, and decline. This will help them look at what's happening in the business ecosystem that includes their suppliers' suppliers and customer's customers.

Get this to understand how businesses start, develop, grow, and decline and how that works in a complex economy.


Honorable Metions:

  • Jobs to be Done
  • Clockspeed
  • Talent Masters
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • Never Eat Alone

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