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3 tips for improving your communication skills in every are of your life: relationships, work, career, community, family & life

How communication skills improve every area of your life - 3 tips for talking in relationships, work, career, community, family & life
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Exercise and eating are nice. But being better at conversations will help any every area of your life. 

The only place good communication skills don’t help are with: 

  1. Someone with hostile intentions
  2. Kids

I heard some anthropology show say “we don’t raise our kids as much as civilize them”. Kids don’t have filters on their mouths or brakes on their behavior, they do anything and everything without thinking about it before hand. It’s hard to communicate with someone who’s imagining the next cookie they’re going to steal while you’re holding the cookie they just started eating off of the floor.

Anyhow. Nurses on a trauma unit. School bus dispatchers. Co-parents of athlete musicians. Third dates. Thanking your co-workers when you win awards. Great communication can happen in any area of your life. 

The better you are at listening to advocate on behalf of someone and quickly summarizing what’s important to them, the better your life will be. Everywhere.

Three tips to prepare for your next important conversations

  1. Review the last three times you spoke with them
  2. Listen to see if what they want is immediate, soon, or later
  3. Imagine the joy they felt as kids rolling down a hill - not super relevant, but we don’t think about the joy of other people enough, and we should … 


Take care


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