5 tips for becoming popular and/or powerful at work and in life

After you shut down your failed youtube channel and start thinking of all your dreams of being a star you’ll start to wonder how to become more popular like you deserve.

  1. Support people’s small and big dreams
  2. Tell people they’re doing great
  3. Ask questions that they want to answer

People don’t do this enough consistently. The other day I was thinking that it wasn’t enough to “listen to understand, not to speak”. In these days and times, to get past the issues that divide us we have to “listen to advocate”.
You should listen to someone so intently that you can help them figure out how to communicate what it is they need and want better. Help them convince the next person.

Also, offer suggestions lightly and with kid gloves. It doesn’t help to critique and shame someone. Most pieces of advice are more willingly accepted after a few questions. After the advice, tell them you’re expecting big things from them. But don’t unblock them.

Remember salt, shot, lime.

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