The Stages of A Compelling Idea - Idea, Reason and Story

Paint. Word. Powerpoint.

These are Microsoft Office programs that help you imagine, write, and narrate whatever you want.

Whether it's MS paint, photoshop, a CAD program, or a vision board, people strive to create beautiful and inviting graphical representations of their ideas. Distilling. Go draw some.

When it comes to expressing that idea in prose, you can use Microsoft Office, write a long blog or article, send a hand-written note, or write it on the back of a schoolbus seat. Whatever way you do it, great communicators are also able to talk sensibly about the mission ahead and your role in getting there. Go write some.

In The Zenful Art of Slideshows, an imaginary author may understand that the key to good presentation is that the timeline of the presentation should mirror the timeline of the story. Great communicators don’t make short stories long, or long stories short, they make them just the right length.

More people know about the tragic story of Achilles in The Iliad than who built the Parthenon. Go tell stories.


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