Getting Your Software On

Last week we talked about different types of computing software that you may need or use. There are three main brands of software that you can use and they are paid, free, and ad supported.

Being a wiz at using different types of software makes you able to perform a wide variety of skills that can benefit you and the people that pay you.

  • Paid - Microsoft Office is the biggest and most comprehensive office software available, and is the most expensive in this list. They have a version you can use online, and a version you download to your desktop.
  • Free - OpenOffice rivals the paid version with a free and open-source software that’s been in development for over 2 decades. It’s not as beautiful and a little bit clunkier than MS Office in terms of formatting, but give that it’s free, it’s a bargain.
  • Ad Supported - with your Google account, you get access to Google docs which has a great office suite with great set of features. It isn’t exactly free because the company uses your information to expose to advertisers. Since it’s online, you can work on a document with someone else at the same time, which is a great feature for any team projects.

This table shows you the names of the different types of popular software suites.




(ad Supported)

















Now that you know what software you can use, go signup or download what you need and revisit what I suggested last week:

  • Presentation - create a slideshow with 20 slides to tell a story (with characters)
  • Document - create a formal and beautiful letter telling to someone you love that you love them and why
  • Spreadsheet - calculate all of your bills and spending for the year (by week and month)
  • Database - create a database tracking where things are in the different rooms in your house go

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